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Bulletin Board      

Updated 26 August 2019

  1. Member’s Medication Records are now kept in a box outside the Shed's kitchen. Each participating Shedder's information is kept in a sealed envelope and will only be opened by an authorized person, e.g. a paramedic, in the event of that member experiencing an health incident. Participation in this scheme is voluntary and it is each person's responsibility to ensure that their record is updated whenever medication is varied.
  2. Recovery of the Poppet Head Wheel :  We have received a grant of $15,000 for this project; so it is "all systems go". The Wheel will be restored in situ at the Shed. Ed Tonks has completed the heritage report. Drafts of Development Application & Statement of Environmental Effects have been submitted. Wattle Paints have very kindly provided primer paint which has been applied to the Wheel. A special thanks goes to Rodgers Bros for the loan of compressor hoses used to clean up the Wheel.Council has agreed to the final colour being “Bridge Grey”. We also thank Ian Peterson who has completed the drawings for the poppet wheel memorial  free of charge.
  3. Do not forget that if you notice broken blades or belts on any machine, please inform a Committee member who will ensure that the machine is flagged as “out of order” and arrange for blade replacement. 

  4. The Equipment Loans book is now located alongside the Sign On book. Easy to find!

  5. Seaview Malaysian Restaurant at Redhead was the venue for our annual Christmas in July celebration on 21st July. We were very well looked after by our hosts and a great time was had by all. It seems that everyone won a prize in the raffle  which was ably conducted by Rodney Johnson.
  6.  Elermore Vale Men’s Shed has been broken into and a considerable amount of gear stolen. Redhead Men’s Shed has made a donation to them of $200 to help with replacement of their gear.

  7.  Ken Hancock reports that the annual calibration of electrical testing equipment will be completed next week. Ken thanked Doug Jeston for looking after "all things electrical" whilst he was enjoying his extended holiday.

  8. The metal roller door securing the main entrance to the workshop has been repaired and is now operating correctly.
  9. Shed Calendar Dates:

    5th August – Committee meeting from 6pm

    14th August - Workshop clean up, general meeting and sausage sizzle at 12 noon

    2nd September – Committee meeting from 6pm

    11th September - Workshop clean up, general meeting and sausage sizzle at 12 noon                                                                                                                                                                                         7th October - Committee meeting from 6pm                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     9th October - Workshop clean up, sausage sizzle at 12 noon; followed by our Annual General Meeting                

            2nd November _Bunnings BBQ

            4th November - Committee meeting from 6pm

            11th November - Remembrance Day

            13th November - Workshop clean up, general meeting and sausage sizzle at 12 noon

            2nd December - Committee meeting from 6pm

            11th December - Workshop clean up, general meeting and sausage sizzle at 12 noon


    8. JJs Waste & Recycling for commercial waste collection from the Shed has commenced with monthly pickups.