Redhead Men’s Shed Incorporated

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Redhead NSW 2290

  • Updated 19 February 2024
  • With the easing of Covid-19 restrictions , it is good to report that mandatory mask-wearing and social distancing practices  have been rescinded. However, please feel free to wear a mask if this works for you. Continued regular use of hand sanitizer is encouraged.

As well all know by now, Covid-19 presents a more serious risk to

    1. People aged 70 or over
    2. People aged 65 years and over with chronic medical conditions
    3. People with a compromised immune system
    4. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples 50 years and older with one or more chronic medical conditions.         I

Update on COVID19 requirements for attending Redhead Men’s Shed Generally, the requirements for attending the shed align with the advice provided by NSW Health NSW to the wider community. NSW Health requirements change from time to time, and we adhere to specific requirements as they become relevant, such as social distancing, the wearing of masks and physical isolation. There are specific conditions for which attending the shed is not permitted. These are : • Don’t attend if you are feeling unwellDon’t attend if you have recently had a positive Rapid Antigen Test (RAT)Don’t attend if someone in your household currently has COVID19Don’t attend if you are not vaccinated against COVID19

If you are feeling unwell, have a cough, or temperature, please  carry out a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) and do not come to the Shed. If you have been                       identified as a close contact of someone with Covid, please do not come to the Shed until the required period of isolation has been completed.

  • The use of ladders at the shed – Shed Policy has been revised to recognise that there are some circumstances  where ladders are a necessary tool. Shed policy is that where a ladder has to be used; a second member must be at the base of the ladder to ensure that the ladder remains stable.
  • Projects that need work off the ground should not be undertaken by the shed unless appropriate safety concerns are resolved e.g. scaffolding to be used.
  • There has been some confusion about the use of Danger Tags and Out of Service Tags. Danger Tags are only to be used as a last resort if equipment needs to be isolated from a power source.  i.e. electrical isolation for work on an electrical circuit.    Almost every machine in the Shed can be isolated by unplugging the electrical lead, in which case an Out of Service Tag is the appropriate tag, and is the one that should be used.  If you are concerned that the machine may be used despite the tag, cut the plug off.
  • Please make sure that if you’re first to use a machine that you complete the form for the day. The Safety group will check the forms at the end of each month and maintain the records. Remember, the sheet has only to be filled in once per day when the equipment is first used. .
  • On a related subject, we have had some situations where machines have been ‘adjusted’ or used inappropriately, and left in an unsafe or ineffective state. Just a reminder that if you feel the need make major adjustments to machines, or remove safety guards, please don’t.   If you’re unsure if the machine is the right one for the task, ask.  If you’re in doubt about the condition of a machine put an ‘Out of Service’ tag on it. There are plenty of people around the Shed with enough experience to help. Ted, Phil, Tony, Richard, Thicky, Glenn, Blakey.
  • We are working on the project sheets to make them easier and more relevant to use.  It’s an ongoing task. One thing that has been added is a master sheet so that we stop duplicating project numbers. When you start a project use the next number on the list then fill in the project form. This master sheet system can only work if everyone makes sure that the control is updated every time a Project Sheet is raised. 
  • Minor and major project forms have recently been updated with version 2 (V2) currently available for use
  • We have now acquired an EFT-POS capability for the Shed to facilitate sale of Shed products to our customers. More and more people do not carry cash.
  • The following matters were discussed at our February Committee meeting:
    • Future BBQ days in the week following monthly meetings will be held alternately on Mondays and Wednesday each month with the February meeting to be Monday Feb 12th. No Wednesday BBQ until March 14th and so on swapping days each month.
    • We currently have 87 financial members with two new member applications recently received and being processed -> 89 members!
    • The committee discussed and expressed appreciation for the effort and individual contributions shed members make to the smooth running of the shed. Whether it’s making projects for sale, making lunch for hungry shedders or the multitude of housekeeping jobs that are largely unseen but keep the place running as well as it does. Thanks to all and keep up the good work!
    • Significant expenditure during December and January included:
      o $1540 for the Christmas lunch afternoon at Club Redhead
      o $523 – groceries in January
      o $534 – project materials
      o $357 – groceries in December
      o $321 – purchase of an angle grinder
      o $220 – monthly waste bin (two months)
      o $138 – Anti virus software for shed computers for two years
    • Significant income during December and January included:
      o $2,530 – Income from sales of shed projects in December
      o $600 – Income from sales of shed projects in January
      o $529 – shed attendances in January
      o $477 – shed attendances in December
      o $300 donation from the Seaside Restaurant (at Club Redhead)
    • Current Shed Workshop Projects – 8th February 2024

      • Two Lazy Susans
      • Small table and chairs
      • Rocking horse (No 2)
      • Fifteen wedges for physio
      • Wooden Ice Cream truck
      • Wooden truck & trailer
      • Two antique chairs
      • Skate board
      • Two surf board racks
      • Large table for LJ Hooker
      • Mobile phone holders
      • Child’s folding wooden desk and chair
    • Other stuff

      • We will be presenting a wreath at the local Anzac Day service and may also need some volunteers to help provide manual assistance in the setting up for the event on the day.
      • We are in the process of inviting Bulahdelah shed members to visit our shed, date yet to be determined. Suggestions from members for other sheds or locations for us to visit are most welcome.
      • Looks like LMCC may mulch the currently access restricted area adjacent to the poppet head to avoid the need to mow in that location.
      • Whilst previously missing tapes and rulers have since turned up, we are currently missing a box set of Forstner bits, the box is here but it’s empty! Also missing is a removalist blanket (blue with red ribbon). If you have accidently borrowed any of these items, please return them to the workshop. A reminder that if you are borrowing items from the shed, there’s a book near the main shed entrance where you need to record the loan details.
      • The old pantograph machine in the workshop, Asset No 379 is to be disposed of / removed from the shed. If any member would like this machine, free of cost, let us know and it’s yours. 1st in first served. If no takers within the next few weeks, it will be disposed of.
      • Don’t bring/leave any second-hand furniture or bulky items to the shed unless you have a project to do on them and then move them on. Items like this left at the shed cause clutter and congestion.
      • When you finish at the shed each day, if not attending the next day please free up bench space for others by storing any project items on the storage rack within the shed.
    • The usual reminders ….

      • Completed Project Sheets – These sheets are to be returned to the Office for filing.
      • When at the shed, remember to wear your name badge to aid more effective interaction with each other at the Shed.
      • If you hear the shed phone ringing please answer it, take a message and pass the message on so we can attend to it.
      • If you are not feeling well, rest up, as it’s best not to attend the Shed.
    • Scheduled Calendar Dates :

             14th & 28th March – Shed inductions from 9:15am
             14th March – Workshop Clean-up, general meeting, toolbox talk & sausage sizzle lunch   

             6th March – Committee meeting 1.00pm         

 Our Donors names are displayed on our Donor Board in our car park. Our Shed values the wonderful support given to us by each and every one of our Donors